Conference Bike

Number of cyclist
Other passengers
1 driver
Dimensions (lxw)
250x180cm (8ft 2in/5ft 11in)
220kg (490lb)
hydraulic on 2 wheels + handbrake
€ 11.950,-


Conference Bike is a 7-seater bike that will make your biking experience even more memorable! It’s a revolutionary way to bring people together!

The CoBi-7 is pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers while the other 6 pedal (or not) as the bike moves effortlessly along. More than 300 CoBies are now being enjoyed by a wide variety of groups in 18 countries. It is a tour bike in Berlin, Baltimore and San Francisco; a tool for corporate team-building in Copenhagen and San Diego, a way for blind people to bike in Dublin and Florida.